Clients Testimonials

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Paul Ferns

Over the years I have had several challenges when it comes to both my professional and my social wardrobe.

My neck is the size of an NFL linebacker and my waist is quite average. I began working with Cheryl about 3 years ago and in the beginning, I was a little skeptical of going outside my comfort zone of grey and blue suits, pleats, cuffs, and my white collar, white cuff shirts. I am a practicing attorney and I thought that my 1980’s uniform was just fine.

Cheryl took the time to listen to my style concerns about color, fit and pattern and designed my first few items in a very conservative manner. Although she showed me things that she knew would look nice on me, she didn’t push the issue except for the cuffs and pleats. She explained why a flat front trouser with no cuffs was more flattering for my physique and reminded me that bold pinstripes were not really that hip. Her level of professionalism, humor and guidance was unparalleled in any of my other shopping experiences.


I still remember the first day that I wore my new suit to the office and to court. I must have received 10 complements. My wife and my secretary were the first to ask me if I had lost weight. I think I may have lied and said yes.....


I now have Glenn Plaid suits, sport coat and trouser combinations, incredible jeans, jackets, ties......... I look forward to updating my wardrobe each season with a couple of great pieces that Cheryl selects based on what I already own. I recently attended my high school reunion in a casual outfit that was hand selected by Cheryl, from head to toe!

She knows my comfort level and I trust her to do all my clothing selections.

I have had nothing but complements on my new look and I enjoy a wonderful professional relationship with her. She's helped me in so many ways.

She goes above and beyond to help me in every way to look professional, sophisticated, stylish and most of all, confident.


I would strongly recommend Cheryl for any gentleman who would like to up his game and elevate the impact he has on everyone he meets.

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Paul Masse

We have been working with Cheryl for the last 5 years.  We have offered several incentive programs regarding suits, shirts, ties, and belts for top sales managers or associates in a month, quarter or as a new hire. In that time she has dressed many of our managers, new employees and sales associates who have passionately exceeded their goals and have earned the rewards. It is a privilege to reward our hard working employees with such a personalized gift that not only makes them look great but also helps build their confidence, spirit and moral. I recommend this type of program to any organization who hopes to create empowerment, trust and lasting relationships with both their employees and their clients.

Mark Damiano

"For my entire adult life, I have had trouble finding clothes that fit me well due to my non-standard frame. For over 10 years, I owned one suit and had to roll up the sleeves of almost every button down shirt because they would be too long. In short, I never really felt confident in my wardrobe or how I looked when I had to dress professionally. Four years ago, I had Cheryl Petteruti design a shirt for me to wear to a wedding. I had assumed that the process of customizing clothes for an individual would be onerous, but Cheryl made it extremely easy and used her expertise to add several custom features to make my shirt unique. I instantly loved it and, for the first time, got numerous compliments on how I looked. After that, I was sold. I had Cheryl completely overhaul my wardrobe with J. Hilburn products. Their clothes are comfortable, stylish, fit my frame perfectly, and due to the versatile nature of their pieces, I was able to get a new wardrobe for much less than I had imagined. Cheryl has been amazing. She took the time to get to know what I was looking for and what I was comfortable with. Her expert recommendations have always been spot on and I trust her to create custom products for me with very little input. If she can make me look good, then she can make anyone look good, and you simply cannot put a price tag on the confidence that comes with being stylish and well-dressed. I went from wearing baggy, unflattering clothes to getting compliments on my wardrobe from strangers. If you are a man or woman who wants to finally love the way that you look and feel, then I would highly recommend using the professional services of Cheryl Petteruti."

LJ Gasbarro

I have been a faithful purchaser of jHilburn clothing for several years and previously worked with Cheryl Petteruti who was my personal stylist. I enjoyed partnering with Cheryl and was disappointed to learn that she left for an opportunity at Marc Allen clothiers. My previous experience with Marc Allen was that the pricing for shirts and jackets was much more than I wanted to spend and I didn’t feel comfortable frequenting that establishment. The quality of the clothes wasn’t an issue - it was the value I thought I was receiving that created the negative perspective in my mind.

I recently received a call from Cheryl asking me to visit her at Marc Allen to view shirting and suiting fabrics. I explained to Cheryl that I didn’t want to spend more than I had been spending at jHilburn for custom clothing and Cheryl explained to me that Marc Allen was now able to offer competitive pricing. Because of the trust and goodwill that Cheryl had established with me over the years I agreed to meet with her in the Providence location. I’m glad I did.

Cheryl showed me hundreds of shirting, pants, and suiting fabric options and I was impressed with the measurement details that Cheryl and the professionals at Marc Allen took to ensure a perfect fit. The items I purchased were priced similar to what I was accustomed to paying with previously, however I honestly believe that Marc Allen offers a superior product because of the quality of the fabrics, the precise fit you’ll immediately notice, and the overall purchase experience. Marc Allen also offers an array of accessories that will complement your shirts, pants and sport jackets. If you care about how your clothes look and fit and are willing to spend approximately the same amount of money that you have been spending for custom clothing, then I encourage you to contact Cheryl and let her show you how Marc Allen can help you dress your best for any occasion.

In case you’re wondering, I volunteered to write this testimonial for Cheryl. I would not have offered if I didn’t believe in the product, service and value that I received. Good luck to you and I hope you are able to meet with Cheryl to learn about how she can help you.

Michael S. Chille

I have had the pleasure to work with Cheryl Petteruti for well over a year and have been extremely impressed with her work. Since working with Cheryl, I have received several compliments on my wardrobe. Anyone that I have referred to her has also experienced the same.

Cheryl has an incredible work ethic and is very efficient with all of her work. I have heard nothing but compliments from those on my sales team that have had the opportunity to work with her.

Cheryl is truly a pleasure to work with and I am looking forward to working with her for many years to come on both a personal and professional level.